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Understanding Wireless Security Systems

A wifi smart lock can be controlled with a smartphone

We can install a wireless security system that communicates with and is controlled by your smart devices.

If you need a security system for your home, the selection process can be quite confusing. There are a variety of security measures including security cameras, keypad locks, magnetic lock, and card readers to name a few.

In today’s world, everything is wireless. A wireless security system uses innovative technologies such as Z-Wave to communicate with your smart devices – such as a smartphone or tablet. Unlike a wired security system, it doesn’t depend on a connection to an electrical source nor does it transmit video to a device such as a television. The video and audio signals transmit over a wireless network and the feed can be saved via a cloud storage – no backup tapes necessary. You can monitor your home anywhere in the world as long as you have a wi-fi connection.

The drawbacks to a wireless security system are the fact that it does need a strong network connection. If your internet connection goes out, so does the video feed to your home. But most systems can also be set up with a limited battery backup for those rare occasions when the power does go out.

Which Security Camera is Right for You?

We can install a variety of security cameras including CCTV (top) and IP (Internet Protocol) types (bottom).

With a security system comes a security camera. There are a few cameras to choose from including the most popular CCTV cameras and IP cameras.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras — You can view your footage in real time in color and even infrared at night. You can view multiple streams using a digital video recorder or network video recorder transmitting analog video data through a coaxial cable. You can view multiple streams simultaneously through your wireless security system as well.

IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras — These types of digital data cameras are very convenient because you can access their feed via the internet and view it via any internet-enabled device like your smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. Since it’s a digital feed, the other big benefits are higher image resolution, user-friendly remote access, encryption capabilities, and power efficiency.

How Fingerprint Locks Work

You may be more familiar with fingerprint unlocking methods such as on your phone. However, the same security concept can be used at your home or business. Fingerprint locks are a form of biometric security and can be used for door entry systems and security safes to name a few. The way this security feature works is that your fingerprint is turned into numerical data. There are several points on your fingers that roll along this template when setting up the security feature. Your fingerprint must be matched to this formed template for access to be granted.

The biggest advantage of a fingerprint lock is that you can’t leave behind your finger so you should always have access. However, the drawback is that if you get some sort of abrasion on your finger, the scan may fail.

Let Us Help You

If you have more questions about security systems and cameras, our certified, insured, and registered locksmiths are here to help your concerns. We offer complete solutions for your home security system needs including electronic door access, maglock, card reader access, proximity card reader, and electric strikes. We are a local provider in the San Antonio, TX area with an on-site lock shop and offer mobile services as well. You’ll find we have honest pricing and guaranteed service.

At Access Key Service & Security we use top quality industry-proven products and offer the most competitive price guaranteed.