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Transponder Key Programming

We’re Your Local, Affordable Transponder Key Resource

A variety of transponder keys.

We sell and program transponder keys for all makes and models.

Do you need a replacement transponder key for your car, van, or light-duty truck? Wondering where to get a car key made for your newer vehicle? Want to save money on your chip key programming? If so, call us here at Access Key & Security.

We are your local San Antonio, TX transponder key programming specialists, and we offer both in-shop and mobile chip key programming for all makes and models at a price that’s lower than what you can expect to pay at your vehicle dealership.

We’ve been in the locksmith business for more than 30 years, and as a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in providing drivers like you with affordable, reliable laser key cutting. We are fully licensed, registered, and insured, and we back all of our transponder key cutting and auto locksmith services with our industry-leading guarantee.

Mobile Transponder Key Programming

If your vehicle was manufactured within the last 25 years or so and it has a metal ignition key, chances are good it works off of a transponder key — a specialized type of high-security car key that has a computer chip. This chip is embedded inside the thick plastic transponder key head, and the chip is programmed to connect to a computer located inside your vehicle.

Without a transponder key that has been programmed by your dealership or an auto locksmith, your car will not operate – even if the actual metal key is cut correctly. This is a security feature that your vehicle manufacturer included to help prevent theft and unauthorized use of your car or truck.

How Transponder Keys & Laser Cut Keys Work

Your vehicle is equipped with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which has been programmed to match the chip inside your transponder key. This is technology that was first used by the military to help identify ‘friendly’ aircraft, and no batteries are needed inside the chip key head because the system gets the power it needs from your vehicle battery.

When you insert your chipped key into the ignition, the ECU is triggered to send a coded message to the chip inside the transponder key. Within less than a second or so the chip inside the key responds back to the ECU with a preset authentication message which lets the built-in immobilizer system know your key has been authenticated and your alarm system can be disarmed, allowing the car to be started.

On-Demand Mobile Transponder Key Programming in San Antonio, TX

At Access Key & Security, we have the skills, experience, and high-tech computer and laser key cutting equipment needed to program any type of transponder key on the spot. When you need transponder key programming, a high-security car key made, or are wondering where to get a car key made in San Antonio, TX, call us for fast, affordable auto locksmithing service.

At Access Key Service & Security we use top quality industry-proven products and offer the most competitive price guaranteed.