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CCTV Installation & Service

CCTV Cameras & Security Systems


Outdoor CCTV Installation

When physical security such as locks and keys aren’t enough, call Access Key Service for a free CCTV quote. Our licensed and fully trained technicians will walk you through the process of securing your property from the outside in.  Access Key Service has been trusted for over 30 years to provide indoor and outdoor cameras to homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals in San Antonio TX.

What Is CCTV and Why Do I Need It?

CCTV surveillance systems use indoor and outdoor cameras to monitor your property. The cameras send signals over a closed circuit, allowing you to view live surveillance footage at any given time. Most systems also let you record surveillance footage around the clock, so if a crime is committed on your property, you have proof.

Did you know that the overall crime rate in San Antonio, Texas, is 108% higher than the national average? Property crimes are especially prevalent in the city but installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system lowers your risk of becoming a victim.

CCTV Surveillance System Options

CCTV surveillance systems use a variety of components, making it easy to customize a system to fit your needs. For example, if you own a home that’s occupied most of the time, you might save a few bucks by only installing outdoor cameras. Some things to consider when purchasing a system include:

  • The number of cameras you need to secure your property.
  • Do you want cameras inside, outside, or both?
  • Whether you want to view footage on your TV or you prefer to use IP cameras to view footage online.
  • Do you need a system that records video?
  • Would you prefer traditional or wireless cameras?

How Does a CCTV Surveillance Installation Work?

When you use Access Key & Security to upgrade your security system, we review your options with you to ensure you choose a CCTV system that has all the features you need. After choosing a system, our technicians come to your home and/or office to install it. We try our best to keep the installation, service, and recording process simple and transparent. This way by the time our techs leave, you know how to operate the system and who to contact if you run into a problem.

Benefits of Installing a CCTV Surveillance System

Most people install security systems to deter criminal activity — and it works. One study confirmed that CCTV surveillance in parking lots resulted in a 51% decrease in crime.

Also, many insurance companies offer discounts if your property has adequate security because the installing a security system automatically lowers your risks. CCTV surveillance systems come in handy if you do have to file a claim. The video footage proves exactly how your property was damaged or what was stolen.

Contact Your Certified, Registered and Licensed Locksmith

It’s important to work with a certified, registered, and licensed locksmith to install your CCTV system. Certified locksmiths go through extensive training to ensure they have the knowledge needed to properly secure your home or office. In addition to installing the equipment, they frequently give recommendations to clients, have the proper equipment, and have insurance to pay for any accidental damage.

If you want to upgrade your security system, contact Access Key & Security to review your options. Our San Antonio location has in-house and mobile certified locksmiths available to help you protect your property, belongings, and loved ones.

At Access Key Service & Security we use top quality industry-proven products and offer the most competitive price guaranteed.