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Door Installation

If you need a new door installation for your residential or commercial property in San Antonio, TX, look no further. The professionals at Access Key provide a variety of door installation services. We take away the hassle of measuring, fitting, installing.

Why Choose a New Door?

A new residential front door

We can install any type of residential interior and exterior door.

There are many reasons to install a new door at your home. If your door is older than 20 years, you are sure to notice some wear and tear. Also, front doors or entry doors experience a lot of wear and tear just from use or inclement weather. A fresh new door can update your home style as well as add security to a home. Having a new door can increase the value of your home in a multitude of ways. Once you notice that the paint has cracked or mildew developing, it’s time to look at other options.

Select a beautiful security door to add aesthetics as well as protection to your home. They are perfect for rear entry doors leading out to your backyard to allow fresh air inside your home. Storm door installation has been pretty popular in San Antonio. Place storm doors in front of existing front or back home doors. No matter what needs you may have, our wooden doors, fiberglass doors, and security doors will blend perfectly with your home.

Choose from a Variety of Door Styles and Materials

There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from when selecting your new door. There are wooden doors, metal doors, fiberglass doors, and steel doors to choose between and each offers their own value. It can be confusing depending on your needs such as the weather elements and actual usage of the door. We’ll help you select the best options to fit your needs. You can rest assured that your selection will be of the highest quality.

Residential and Commercial Door Installation

We offer residential and commercial doors installation. There is no project too large or small for us. Start by telling us your need and budget. From there, we will provide superior selections available that are sure to please you.

Why Work With Us?

Our Access Key Service Door Installation company provides the added benefits of working with a certified, insured, and registered locksmiths. We provide honest pricing and guaranteed service. We’re local here in San Antonio, TX with a real lock shop and offer mobile locksmith services.

For the best fit, your door measurement needs to be accurate. Our professional locksmith will come out to your home or business and provide a professional measurement for your door. Fortunately for you, we can complete most door installation jobs in a day. This gives you that time back for your family and business needs. Our professional door installation services ensure the removal of any debris.


At Access Key Service & Security we use top quality industry-proven products and offer the most competitive price guaranteed.