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Door Repair and Hardware

We Can Repair All Your Exterior and Interior Doors & Hardware

Locksmith installing a new door

We can install new doors and door hardware or repair the existing ones depending on their condition.

As the gateway to our lives, exterior doors are vital to our security. If your entry door has become damaged due to weather, water, or break-in, you need the peace of mind that comes with putting the experts in charge. Access Key Services provides a comprehensive list of home door repair and hardware options to return your home or business to its former level of safety, for your family and your assets.

So many factors lead to the breakdown of business doors and their hardware. Water can damage the door and the door frame, causing the locking mechanism to fail. High winds and storms can instantly tear exterior doors from their hinges. Burglary or robbery attempts often leave doors compromised, if not destroyed. And, in basic daily use, the doors to your business take a tremendous amount of abuse, which can lead to problems over time. If your security is at risk because of your commercial door problems, it is crucial to have all weaknesses to the door structure taken care of immediately, to avoid further damage or theft.

Recover from a Break-In

Robberies are devastating, both to your business and to your sense of safety. Afterward, you want to return your property to its former level of security quickly. The experts at Access Key Services have over 30 years of experience in keeping companies in San Antonio secure and open for business b following some basic steps.

  • We remove all damaged parts of the door and door frame and remove old hardware.
  • We repair what can be repaired, then replace the compromised door and frame, adding new hardware to strengthen the entryway.
  • We offer a wide array of choices in commercial door hardware and locks if you are looking for an upgrade in your system.

Water-Damaged Door Frame Repair

Even the strongest door frame becomes weakened after prolonged exposure to water. It is important to remove all parts of the frame that have become broken or damaged, to give your locking system the strongest possible foundation. Our professionals will repair what can be saved of your door frame and replace the rest. Hardware that has become worn or rusted is replaced with strong, new hardware. If you have been considering an upgrade on your entry door, this would be a perfect time for installation.

One of the benefits of hiring experienced professionals for your door repair needs is that you know the job will be done right. At Access Key Services, we are skilled in the craft of door repair and take pride in our work. We are local locksmiths, from right here in San Antonio, Texas. Our experts are certified, insured, and registered locksmiths and can discuss options for your repair job, if you are unsure how to proceed. Unlike businesses that treat doors as a sideline, we have a real lock shop and offer mobile locksmith service in your time of need.


At Access Key Service & Security we use top quality industry-proven products and offer the most competitive price guaranteed.