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Security Systems

We Are Your Local Security System Experts

Do you want to enhance security at your home, office, or school? Need a DVR CCTV video surveillance system, keyless locking hardware, or remote-controlled door locks?

Electronic security systems offer an affordable, reliable deterrent against property crime by enhancing both the access control and video monitoring of residential, commercial, and institutional locations. Increasingly homeowners and business managers are installing security cameras and electronic locking hardware in order to enjoy added safety and convenience.

Home Security System Installation In San Antonio, TX

Let us enhance the security at your home, office, or school by installing a CCTV security system.

Let us enhance the security at your home, office, or school by installing a CCTV security system.

Here at Access Key & Security, we design, sell and install custom security systems for both single-family and multi-tenant residential properties throughout San Antonio, TX. Whether you want a high-quality home security system, motion-activated video recording for an apartment building, or keyless door locks that can be operated with your smartphone, contact our licensed locksmith today.

Commercial Security System Services

Video surveillance systems have become the standard in most commercial and institutional settings including retail stores, restaurants, and professional offices. Not only do these security cameras serve as a highly effective deterrent against theft, vandalism, and even assaults, but they can also be used to provide business owners with valuable data about customer traffic patterns and consumer behaviors.

A number of options are available when choosing a DVR CCTV system including devices that offer remote access to live video feeds, cameras with two-way audio feeds, and security cameras that are equipped with infrared sensors.

Electronic Access and Locking Systems

Examples of analog and electronic keypad deadbolts.

Analog and electronic keypad locks and deadbolts are great options for exterior commercial property doors.

With the evolution of keyless access systems, many commercial properties such as hotels, offices, multi-tenant residential and healthcare facilities have completely eliminated the use of mechanical keys in order to improve building security.

A number of options are available when choosing electronic access and locking systems ranging from a simple keypad-operated deadbolt that can be installed on a residential door to advanced commercial security systems that include elevator restriction devices, time-of-day access controls, and locking hardware that can be managed from a remote location.

At Access Key & Security, our professional locksmith can help you understand your options when it comes to keyless lock systems and locking hardware, and we provide complete installation and repair services to all makes of electronic access controls.

Your Local San Antonio, TX Security System Experts

As a fully licensed, registered, and insured locksmith company with over 30 years of experience, we take pride in providing you with the customized security systems you need to protect your home, school, or commercial property. We are family owned and operated, and we have both a fully-equipped storefront location and a mobile locksmith unit to provide you with fast on-site service.

Contact us here at Access Key & Security today to learn more about our wide variety of professional-grade security systems, security cameras, and electronic access and locking systems.

At Access Key Service & Security we use top quality industry-proven products and offer the most competitive price guaranteed.